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A day out with the elephants at the Dubare elephant camp

Elephants have been great companions of humans though out our civilizational journey. In India, elephants are associated with royalty; remember the archaic paintings of the kings where they are always shown riding an elephant instead …
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Ganga ghat, Varanasi

Sneak peek into life at the ghats of Banaras

Ganga is much more than a river, it’s a symbol of India’s ancient culture and heritage. When the earliest men arrived at the Indian subcontinent, they settled along the banks of this river and since …
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tosh village

Tosh & Kalga: Wandering in the remote hamlets of Kasol

A narrow brown trail meandered its way through the white snow just to disappear behind a morose looking apple orchid bereft of its greenery. The footmarks on the trodden path …
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Konark Sand art festival

Konark International Sand Art Festival 2017

The International Sand Art Festival is a one of its kind festival organized at the Chandrabhaga beach of Konark in Odisha from December 1 to December 5. This 5 day …
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Bodh Gaya

Mahabodhi Temple : Tracing the roots of Buddhism

Buddhism, one of the prominent religions of Asia traces its origins to Bodh Gaya. The place where Prince Siddhartha became Lord Buddha. The place that preached the world about virtues …
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"Between the two extremities of your desire and destination lies a small leap across the ocean of comfort. Take that LEAP"

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Prem Mandir
Walking on Krishna’s trail: Mathura and Vrindavan
Krishna, the supreme lord is seen, understood and experienced in different ways and emotions by different people. He is an irrepressible child, a terrible prankster, …
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Manglajodi wetlands of Chilika Lake : A paradise for bird lovers
Manglajodi is a remote hamlet in the Khorda district of Odisha. The wetlands of this relatively unknown place is an extension of the Chilika lake, …
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Baba Harbhajan Singh temple
Baba Mandir: A saga of duty beyond death
Indian Army stands as an epitome of adherence to duties. The story affiliates to a Major of Indian Army who has not been delinquent in his …
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Shivanasamudra Falls
Shivanasamudra Falls: The beauty of Kaveri
After wasting two consecutive extended weekends we wanted to make the next weekend count. As always all possible options were discussed and eliminating one by one we …
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