Photostory: Bokar Monastery near Darjeeling

Photostory: Bokar Monastery near Darjeeling

Bokar Ngedon Chokhor Ling Monastery is a monastic centre where hundreds of Buddhist monks are engaged in studying, practicing and promulgating the teachings of Lord Buddha. It is situated in a small town called Mirik near Darjeeling in West Bengal. It is an extremely beautiful and colourful monastery. Round the year, tourists flock to the Mirik lake but not many know about this monastery and hardly anyone visits here.

A photostory is dedicated to this hidden gem.

Beautiful.. Isn`t it??? Below is the entrance gate:

Let`s go inside..

Beautiful tapered golden roofs and vibrant, colourful walls. The premise was very clean and there were hardly any visitors there..

The entrance to the sanctum and the praying hall:

Inside the sanctum: You can see the monks chanting in the praying hall.

The interiors were even more colourful. We reached during the evening prayer time. About 50-60 monks were chanting and playing the drums in complete sync. The atmosphere inside was extremely divine and there was a miasma of positivity. Well, it was the first time I visited a monastery and I must say I had never seen anything like this before. Those drumbeats were surreal.

Monks sitting and chanting the Buddhist mantras.

There were two little ones outside.

The place was extremely peaceful and being on a hilltop, it offered wonderful views of the town. The monks lived here away from the intricacies of the material world with utmost discipline. Just look at the way those slippers are queued up.

For anyone reading this, please do visit this place if you are going on a trip to Darjeeling. It is sad that this place in spite of being so beautiful is not popular. Maybe they don`t want tourists to visit there in large numbers and destroy the peace and solitude of the monastery so that it remains a place of Buddhist learning and is not reduced to a mere tourist destination.

Hope you enjoyed it.. Please share your feedback in the comments section below. Travel & spread Love..

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