5 reasons to stay near Hall Bazar while visiting Amritsar


Traveling to Amritsar and have no clue where to put up..!!!! Confused about the location of hotels?? Well, I had the same predicament when I traveled to Amritsar last year and after soliciting lots of opinions, my final choice was the Hall Bazar area. I am going to give you 5 good reasons why to book your accommodation here:

5. The Gastronomic delights

A trip to Punjab is incomplete without treating yourself to the scrumptious Punjabi dishes and when you talk of authentic Punjabi cuisines, there are three places in Amritsar which compete for the top post: Kesar da dhaba, Bharwan da dhaba and Brothers dhaba, all located in the vicinity of Hall Bazar. So if you are a foodie looking to savour sarso ka saag and makke ki roti or Amritsari naan with a glass of Punjabi lassi then you don’t have to scroll below for further reasons.

A typical Punjabi thali

4. The Hall Bazar itself

Hall Bazar is one of the oldest markets in Amritsar and an ideal place for those who love shopping on moderate budgets. It has an exquisite collection of Punjabi jootis, Patiala suits, colourful pagdis and fabric with traditional phulkari designs. There are shops selling photographs of the Golden temple and other souvenirs. The market lies on the way to the Golden temple and you can take back some memorabilia.

PC: Trekearth

3. The Evening scenes

The best place to spend your evening in Amritsar is the Hall Bazar area. Cheerful faces, light decorations, the fragrance of street food and a lively crowd, Hall Bazar has it all. Add to it the beauty of the Golden temple under the lights and you would know, as a traveler, where you need to be in the evening.


2. A subtle dose of History

On 13th April, 1919 General Dyer opened fire on innocent civilians peacefully celebrating Baisakhi at Jallianawala Bagh, an incident that represents the face of British tyranny in India. Today Jallianawala Bagh is a prominent tourist place in Amritsar (I hate listing it as a tourist place for the grief history it beholds). Another popular place is the Partition museum which has a collection of artifacts from the time of partition. The gloomy incidents that happened in the aftermath of partition is illustrated using photographs, placards and audiotapes. These two places located in close proximity to Hall Bazar will definitely foment in you a sense of patriotism for the nation and respect for the martyrs.

Bullet marks: A reminder of Jallianawala Bagh massacre

1. The Golden temple

Golden Temple is not a place that you visit once and tick it off your list. You can visit Harmandir Sahib at least 4 times: Prakash Parv at 3:30 AM, during the daytime, at sunset and finally late evening to witness the Sukh-Aasan sahib ceremony each having its own unique charm and importance. As a traveler, you wouldn’t like missing out on any of them, so you need to stay somewhere close to the Golden Temple to be able to repeatedly visit the shrine. What better place than the Hall Bazar area !!!

I hope this post will be beneficial in choosing the right location of hotels if you are planning to visit Amritsar so that you can make the most of your time with least exertion.

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