Soul Searching in Dima Hasao

Dima Hasao, a hill district located in the heart of Assam, India, is one of the best places for a winter vacation around the globe. The temperatures around this time (November to January) do not fall below ten degrees, and rainfall is negligible; thus, providing the ideal weather for exploring and sight-seeing. Some call this destination ‘The Switzerland of the East’, as it showcases an astounding balance of natural landscapes and anthropogenic estate planning.

Dima Hasao is an excellent spot for soul searching, given its serene beauty that transcends upon lush green hills, flowing rivers, gushing waterfalls, ethnic villages, and thriving wildlife. I was particularly curious to visit a village named ‘Jatinga’ that is famous for ‘bird suicide’ no kidding). Apparently, a large number of birds are found dead every year amidst the fogginess after monsoon season; it’s a sad story but has proven to be a tourist magnet. Moreover, it is one of the cleanest villages of India, as the government forestry department is responsible for its maintenance.

There is not much to do around here, and that is the point of visiting Jatinga. You get to escape the busy raucous city life and get a chance to relax and indulge in the simple countryside life. It is a culturally rich spot and the local tribes are an example of true harmony. If you visit with family, you can have epic picnics and just enjoy the aesthetic scenery and freshness of the air.

If hill stations are your jam, then you will love Haflong, which is very popular among travelers in Dima Hasao. It is a picture-perfect place, having several tourist attractions and sights to gawk at. You will cherish a tour of the Haflong hill and lake, accompanied by a loved one or significant other. You shall find a few nice hotels in the area, and get to experience the tasteful cuisine of Assam.

Next, you must pay a visit to Maibong, which is about 45 kilometers from Haflong. This town brims with mountains, waterfalls, and historical monuments. While you are there, make some time to visit Ramchandi – a celebrated monolithic temple that has great chronological value. Rumors are that this place was a sanctuary of peace since the beginning of time; I was convinced as this fine-looking town had an immensely calming effect on me.

Drive a little further, and you will reach a small industrial town that goes by the name ‘Umrangso’. There are a number of big factories in this area, but apart from that, it is bestowed with abundant bounties of nature. There are limited residencies and eateries around, which makes it fitting to unwind and continue with that soul-searching process. Despite being a gem of a place, it is less frequented by tourists due to some political imbalance. Umrangso is home to immaculate water springs and streams, alongside a major hydroelectricity project. The greenery and breathtaking views will engrave your memory for life.

My trip to Dima Hasao was illuminating, and a good excuse to escape my hectic metropolitan regime. I wish I could stay forever, but everything good comes to an end. I would love to revisit the overall experience sometime in the future, if I get the chance.

– Written by guest blogger John Adams

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