Konark International Sand Art Festival 2017

Konark Sand art festival

The International Sand Art Festival is a one of its kind festival organized at the Chandrabhaga beach of Konark in Odisha from December 1 to December 5. This 5 day extravaganza features sand artists from many countries who compete with the best Indian artists for the title. Its a remarkable cultural event held along with the Konark Dance Festival and is organized by Odisha Tourism to provide an impetus to tourism in Odisha. Thousands of people visit every year to witness sand artists showcasing their talent and creating masterpieces with sand. During this 5 days, there are 5 different themes and the artists are required to change the sculpture every day as per the theme. 

I had the opportunity to visit the sand art festival in 2017 and see the brilliant artists in action. The theme for the day was “Buddhist Heritage

Sand artist Ballabha Mohapatra in action
A team of female sand artists

As we enjoy these magnificent sculptures, we must not forget the excellent artists who have created these beauties.

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Pooja Thapliyal
Pooja Thapliyal
December 4, 2017 10:42 am

This is interesting ! Beautiful sand art 💓