My first impression of Ahmedabad

My first impression of Ahmedabad

Hello Ahmedabad !!!!

I had been taking about my 2 month internship in Gujarat in my previous posts. I have finally arrived in Ahmedabad and I am writing this post to share my first impression of this amazing city. I arrived on Wednesday and after 3 days of wandering in the by lanes hopping from one shoddy PG to another, I have finally found a good place to put up.

There are a plethora of things to talk about but lets start with the best one –

The People: The denizens of Ahmedabad are welcoming, courteous, talk softly and are helpful. The general lifestyle of the city has a subtle tinge of affluence in it and the standard of living is higher than other 2nd tier cities in India. Everyone is comfortable speaking Hindi and it isn’t difficult to communicate with them. People prefer to dress well and I hardly find any people in shorts and loose clothing even in these summer months.

The City: The roads are wide and well planned. There are separate lanes for the BRTS buses and emergency vehicles which is strikingly unique. Traffic is disciplined; I haven’t seen people driving in the wrong side which is quite common in other Indian cities (I am not taking about the metros). People say Ahmedabad is a dusty town but I am yet to feel that. There are lots of shopping malls and multiplexes around.

Now the negative aspects – The city clearly lacks greenery and there are very few trees around. The water is unreasonably very hard and tastes awful unless passed through an RO filter. There aren’t enough good quality PGs and flats. I literally had to work my socks off to find a good place.

Food: I reached Ahmedabad at 1:30 AM and was pleasantly surprised to find food stalls and tea vendors operating at such late hours. I was extremely hungry and a bowl of Maggi with a cup of tea was my saviour on the first night. Non veg food is a luxury and I have been desperately trying to search for a place where I can have proper non veg food at a reasonable price. I have only managed to find a few stalls which sell omelets. This may sound awkward but for someone like me who has literally survived on non veg for years, Ahmedabad is a curse. But lets take nothing away from the lip smacking Gujarati cuisines. In last 3 days I have been eating authentic Gujarati dishes and they are all super amazing. Perhaps ginger tea is preferred by the populace; there is a strong ginger flavour in the tea.  I am yet to taste the famed Thepla !!!

Weather: The weather is hot and the mercury levels reached 44 deg Celsius today. But there is very little humidity and it therefore not as tormenting as in some other parts of the country in these months.

In the first sight, I am pretty impressed with Ahmedabad. Unavailability to non veg food slightly tarnishes the silver plate for me but overall its really a nice place and I am looking forward to the 2 months I am about to spend here. Please stay connected as I bring you exciting new stories from the Gujarat diary.

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The Bookish Elf
The Bookish Elf
April 8, 2018 5:08 pm

Hope you liked your stay in Ahmedabad.

Lavinia Parker
Lavinia Parker
July 9, 2018 9:08 pm

Oh you remind me so many memories from the beautiful Ahmedabad. I did love the architecture, both old and new, the history of creating those fantastic buildings!