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I am Sangram Keshari Rout from India. I have a insatiable urge of travelling which takes me to my destinations. Diversity in traditions and terrains enchant me and when I travel, I look forward to an exquisite cultural experience. Heritage sites are my favourite. The purpose of this site is to share a first-hand experience of my travels. I started this website as a personal travel memoir but it gives me immense pleasure seeing it slowly evolve into an online travelogue.

As I travel, I meet numerous lovely people who come in the form of tour guides, chauffeurs, co travelers, etc. Staying incognito, they all have immensely contributed in development of this site. I would thank all of them for making my journeys memorable and fun.

Finally I would extend my gratitude to all the viewers who connect with me through this site and inspire me to produce better articles. I sincerely hope you all will stay connected and virtually accompany me in the world of travel adventures. Travel and spread Love ❤

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Not all those who wander are lost..!!!!! – JRR Tolkien