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I am Sangram Keshari Rout from India. For me, travel is an escape; an escape from the madness of modernity, the concrete jungles and from the world of finance and numbers which are now inextricably intertwined in my life. I am a travel enthusiast with an insatiable urge to explore places that nudges me to new destinations. Diversity in traditions and terrains enchant me and as I travel, I look forward to exclusive and exquisite cultural experiences. I love history and heritage sites are my favourite. I am an avid reader but strictly restricted to the nonfiction genre. My other interests are football, politics, and economics.

The purpose of this site is to share the first-hand experience of my journeys. I started this website as a personal travel memoir but seeing it slowly evolve into an online travelogue gives me immense pleasure. As I travel, I meet numerous lovely people who come in the form of tour guides, chauffeurs, co-travelers, etc. Staying incognito, they all have immensely contributed to the development of this site. I thank them for making my journeys memorable and fun.

I am forever indebted to all the visitors of Soul Esplanade who connect with me through this site and inspire me to explore more and write better articles. I sincerely hope you all will stay connected and virtually accompany me in my world of travel adventures. Do contact me for casual discussions, collaborations, or permission to use anything published on this website. Travel, learn, and spread love !!!

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Not all those who wander are lost..!!!!! – JRR Tolkien
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