Visakhapatnam #2 : Kailashgiri & Seemanchalam

Visakhapatnam is a unique city. It has a rare, unconventional combination of beaches and hills. I mentioned about the tourists places along the beaches in my last post which includes the one of its kind INS Kurusura submarine museum, the maritime Visakha museum and the beautiful Ramkrishna beach. Continue reading “Visakhapatnam #2 : Kailashgiri & Seemanchalam”

A weekend at Visakhapatnam #1

An early morning on a Saturday, I woke up and dragged my blanket down. I looked out of the window with somnolent eyes and saw large container cargo ships sailing in the Bay of Bengal. I saw the resplendent sun adding colours to the crepuscular hues. This was the view from a window of the iconic Palm Beach Resort of Visakhapatnam. Continue reading “A weekend at Visakhapatnam #1”

Tirupati Balaji: The most visited temple in the world

Tirupati Balaji- some temple in south India where people visit for hair tonsuring and the laddu prasads of the temple are quite delectable. This was all I knew about this place. I never saw any photograph of the temple nor was there any temple dedicated to Lord Venkatesh in my town. Yet very often people traveled to visit Tirupati. So I always had an urge to visit this place someday. After I shifted to Bangalore, I had an opportunity to fulfill that urge.

Continue reading “Tirupati Balaji: The most visited temple in the world”

Puttaparthi: Spiritual Abode of Shri Satya Sai

Major Attractions: Chaitanya Jyoti Museum, Prasanthi Nilayam

Best time to visit: 18th to 23rd November (Five day Birthday celebrations of Shri Satya Sai Baba)

How to reach Puttaparthi: While travelling from Bangalore, bus is the most convenient way to reach Puttaparthi. Apart from being cheap, the main advantage to travelling by bus is that the Puttaparthi bus stand is situated in front of the ashram. You can also reach Puttaparthi through train which takes around 3 hours to reach the Sathya Sai Prasanthi Nilayam station from Bangalore. Continue reading “Puttaparthi: Spiritual Abode of Shri Satya Sai”

Lepakshi: A Legacy of Vijayanagara Art

Major Attractions: Hanging Pillar, Monolithic Nandi and Monolithic Nagalingam.

Best time to visit: October – April (avoid peak summer and monsoon)

How to reach Lepakshi: Going by bus is cheapest most convenient. You can take the Anantapur bus from the APSRTC bus stand at Majestic Bus Station of Bangalore and get down at Lepkashi Check Post. From here there are many local buses which goes towards Hindupur, board one of them and it will drop you in front of the temple gate. The first journey takes around 2 hrs 15 mins (will cost Rs.115) and the second one 20 mins (will cost Rs.10). Continue reading “Lepakshi: A Legacy of Vijayanagara Art”